Clifford and Darby: Best friends

It turns out that Clifford loves to play with Darby and Darby seems to really love playing with Clifford.  Darby never took to chasing a ball.  He preferred to destroy things in the house, take things out in the yard, wrap his paws around trees and shake the chicks out of the trees, or dig holes under every bush in the yard.  But when Clifford is in the yard, they play chase and it just completely tires both of them out.

Clifford is still a puppy with huge paws.  he is somewhat awkward and stumbles a bit.  But he can run like the wind with his long legs.  Darby, on the other hand, is thin and a year older than Clifford.  Darby is fast but he doesn’t have the legs on him that Clifford has.  So, when they play chase, Darby challenges Clifford, then takes off running.  Clifford takes off and very quickly catches up with Darby.  Clifford grabs one of Darby’s back legs in his mouth and Darby tumbles over, jumps up, and then plays some more.  Darby ends up covered in dirt or mud depending on if it is raining.

But Darby quickly adapted to Clifford being faster and has learned to zig zag while running.  Clifford is quick but he can’t turn very fast.  So, Darby just goes flying across the yard and just as Clifford gets within about 10 feet of Darby, he makes a sharp turn, and Clifford just continues straight.

Clifford did start adapting to this strategy, and Darby further adjusted by learning to run near bushes and dart behind the bush.  Clifford is so much bigger than Darby that he just smashes into the bush and stops.  Darby then teases Clifford by running out of the bush and then running back in.

They really get tired and seem to be having great fun.

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