Clifford: Love at first sight

Clifford came to us as a foster.  He was picked up by the pound and deemed aggressive so he was scheduled to be put down immediately.  HART got more information on the story and we took the dog in.  Clifford does have an incredible bark, has massive paws, and a huge head, but otherwise is just a puppy.  It turns out that there is a big story behind how he ended up with the pound and effectively we put him into doggy protection.  His name was immediately changed and he was never taken to adoption events.  Basically the family that owned him locked him out of the house and he roamed the neighborhood begging from anyone that would give him food.  He had been picked up 3 times and the husband of the family had gotten him each time.  The wife didn’t like the dog so she just didn’t care.  Well, on the 4th time, a neighbor called HART to let them know about the situation.

So, Clifford went into doggy protection.  No pictures will be up here so that he can’t be identified.  This is a rare situation.  If we reunite the dog with its home, it will just be treated the same and end up getting picked up by the pound.  The pound says that he is a dangerous dog so they will put him down in 24 hours if they catch him again.  So, he will be protected from the pound and given a good home.

Mike brought him home on April 3, and I knew this was the perfect dog to give to Mike as a 40th birthday present.  So, I silently arranged with the HART people to adopt him.  Mike was just thrilled to get Clifford.  He is an incredible dog.  Huge, smart, affectionate, and looks like the spitting image of Bones… Mike’s dog that he had to put down for old age.

The first night that Clifford was in our house, I was looking for Mike and found him laying on the floor with Clifford.  Mike just really took to him.  So, now we are back to 4 dogs in the house.

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