Cannon Ridge Railroad: Heartland Locomotive Works Passenger car arrives

I was running the train and noticed that it seemed to be erratic in its speed.  I thought that the track might be dirty so I got out some alcohol and cleaned the track.  It got slightly better, but kept acting like the train wasn’t making a good connection on the track.  I took the engine off the track and inspected the pickups and found that the front four wheels that pick up power did not seem to be working.  Further inspection revealed that one of the large wheels had what looked like weld marks on the wheel.  Then, I found the problem.  I noticed a small red wire sticking out of the bottom of the 4 wheel cart on the front of the train.  The wire was clearly broken.

So, I opened up the train and found that the drive wheels also pick up power and that the wheel with the weld marks was picking up power in place of the front wheels.  The same marks are on one of the wheels of the 4 wheel cart that was broken.  Anyhow, I got out a little piece of multistranded wire and soldered it to the train.  When I put it back on the track, the train was working as it did before. 

I still wonder if the original engine will ever arrive?