Heartland Locomotive Works Paseenger car arrives

The FedEx guy showed up today and delivered a box.  I had gotten an email that it was coming, but I thought it was another set of wheels to replace the trucks on the other animal car.  Anyhow, the car was the HLW passenger car that I had ordered a couple of weeks ago.  For the price ($80), I figured that it would have interior lights and a bit more detail, but it has nothing.  Additionally, it only comes with hook and loop coupler and the trucks do not match the design of the Bachmann or the Aristo cars so a replacement of the truck isn’t possible.  After some finagling, I did find that a coupler from a Bachmann truck could be made to fit over the peg and form a reasonable connector for the car.  Why these cars cost so much is beyond me as they don’t appear to be of any better construction than the Bachmann cars.  The Aristo cars are by far the best constructed of anything I have bought.

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