Test connecting plate

I received the connecting plates today and immediately ran to the basement to test one out.  I am extremely pleased with both the color and proportion of the plate with the track.  Now, I have to decide how I am going to attach the plates.  I originally had planned to use brass plates so I already had a handful of brass screws ready.  So, I went ahead and put a plate up with brass screws.

I rolled the train car in place so that it would be easy to see the various colors of the track, wheels, trucks, and plates all together.  I don’t like the brass screws on the silver plate.  It makes it look to fancy.  So, I will search online and at the local hardware stores for screws that have silver heads.  The ideal screw would be one that has a square head like the top of a railroad tie.  But, I doubt I will find such a thing locally.

In any case, I am very pleased with the plates.  I really appreciate ID Plate’s ability to let me draw the plate in Visio and send them a PDF which they matched to create the product.  And, the price was not to bad.