Bought an alternate engine

Well, I just couldn’t stand it any more and so I called the place that I bought the caboose from Discount Trains Online and they had the Bachmann BM81094 in stock and could ship it out today.  Their price was the same as so I bought it.  I figure that this does two things.  First, it is like washing your car to get it to rain.  Now that I have paid for another engine, will probably find my engine and ship it out so that they both arrive at the same time.  Second, it gives me an alternative engine should anything go wrong with the one that I have ordered.  They have it in stock, but chances of it arriving this week are slim to none.  It will probably arrive next Tuesday.

When I got home, I also put some of the plugs in the ceiling mounts to see how they would look. They certainly finish off the look of the mounts.