Track completed

After feeding the dogs, I headed down to the basement and started working on the remaining 3 sections of track.  I started at 7pm, and finished up at 9:38pm.  I started with the straight section over the fireplace, then the 8th curve, and finally the little short pickup section.  I saved the short section to let me have a piece to work on that would be easy to manipulate and measure for getting the track correct without gap.  As it was, I ended up with a 1/16 gap on the last section and decided to leave it that way since it is between straight sections.

I rolled the performer car over the final curve and tested connectivity.

The other three cars were on the left side of the fireplace while the performer car was on the right long section.  After completing all of the sections, I rolled the cars together and had them meet on the 8th section.  So, as of 9:38pm on October 8, 2007, the physical track is complete.  I still have finishing touches to do, like putting in the plugs on the ceiling mounts and touching up the stain on the ends of some of the ties that got scratched during assembly.  I have 8 sections of nickel-silver track left over (about $88 worth), two 1x2x6 Oak Boards, and one track connector.

I also got an email from FedEx that a package had been entered to ship to me.  I got my hopes up thinking that maybe it was the engine, but the package was shipped from Texas.  Texas is where the steel connector plates were made and so I think it is the steel plates that are on their way.