More ties have been stained

I got the miter saw out and cut the dowel rods for the ties, peeled off the stupid Lowes SKU stickers, put the gummed up sanding belt on the sander and took off the glue from the end pieces, and then stained the new ties.  While I had the sander out, I put the good belt back on and sanded down the last two sections that are to receive ties.  It was dark by the time I was half way through the ties but I finished them under the porch light. Hopefully it will not rain tonight and they can dry outside.  I will pull them in before I go to bed.

That’s it.  I have lost a lot of steam in the project because I don’t have an engine and so putting it all together is kinda useless other than for it to be a very elaborate display of a few train cars.  As you can tell, I am pretty frustrated with waiting 6 weeks for an engine and still having no idea as to when it will arrive.