Steel connectors ordered

I spoke with Pam today from ID Plates with the pricing to add the 2 additional holes was $0.08. Then there was an additional charge for “center to center” drilling. The total for the plates was $2.31 per plate. Pam asked me for a drawing so I used Visio and drew up a engineering picture of what the plate would look like with only the relevant measurements included. And, so we went forward with the order and put it on my Amex. In thinking about it, I hesitated for a moment because I thought that this was an expensive part of the project since these plates cost half of what the engine cost. But, to put it into perspective, each six foot section costs about $49.

First, the Ceiling Mount:

Item Qty Price Total
1x2x7.5in oak board 2 $0.70 $1.40
12×5/16 round oak dowel 4 $0.29 $1.17

Total $2.57

Each 6 foot section needs about 2 Ceiling Mounts (one every 16 inches). So, when you add up all of the parts, you have $49.00 or $8.16 per linear foot. (Note, in comparison, Loco-Boose charges $125 per linear foot.)

Item Qty Price Total
1x2x6 oak board 1 $6.31 $6.31
60 poplar ties 60 $0.18 $10.56
Nickel-Silver Rail 2 $10.50 $21.00
Nickel-Silver rail connectors 2 $0.69 $1.38
Ceiling Mount 2 $2.57 $5.14
Stainless Steel 0.050×1/2×3-1/2 plate 2 $2.31 $4.62

Total $49.01

So, when you look at the total cost for each individual six foot section, you can see that the cost of the Stainless Steel plate is really not that much. The only big difference is that I had to buy a minimum of 100 so I will have 50% waste. But even at double the price, the connector plates are still reasonably similar to the cost of other items and will add to the fit-and-finish of the project.

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