Track, Tags, and more Polyurethane

While stuck in traffic on Rt 606 this morning, I got a page from my housemate that a large box had just arrived by UPS. His description of it being long and thin indicates that it may be the track. That is great because if the track has arrived, I can start putting pieces up permanently!

At noon (lunch time), I followed up with Cascade Laser Corp to get pricing on the tags and talked with Tabitha. She said that the stainless steel tags (0.029×1/2×3) were going to be more than $1 a piece for quantities of 100 to 150. Her price for the brass plaque tags that are stock (0.020×1/2×3) is $0.65. This was about $0.20 higher than ID Plates. Tabitha is still going to work up a quote, but I am thinking that ID Plates may be a better option. Tabitha is working up the quote and will send it by email.

So, I called up ID Plates and talked to Pam. She can get custom tags in either 0.029 or 0.050. Standard steel dog tags are 0.040 and I need something as strong as a dog tag. So, I asked her to get a quote together for both 0.029 and 0.050 in steel in quantities of 100 to 150. She is going to generate the quote and send it by email.

I got quotes back from both vendors. Cascade Laser Corp priced it at $2.98 per tag for 0.029 stainless steel. ID Plates priced it at $1.49 for 0.029. That is half the price of Cascade Laser Corp. Even at 0.050, ID Plates is cheaper. So, I placed the order with Pam at ID Plates for 100 plates, size 0.050×1/2×3-1/2. The holes will be 1/4 inch from the ends and centered on the plate.

I left work a little early and got home at about 5pm. I started routing out the slots on the new ties that were stained by dipping and things look good. Only problem so far is that the new ties are 1/16 to long so they didn’t fit in my jig and I had to adjust. That ate up about 30 minutes of stupidity on my part. Pass one was completed by 7pm. Pass 2 was completed by 9pm. I still need to do one more pass but I did a third pass on about 50 ties so that I could put ties on the second half of the S-Curve to let it dry overnight. So, can you tell the difference between the first set of ties (the two on the left) and the new ones that are dipped before routing (the two on the right)?


The metal rails and all of the accessories that I ordered also arrived. This included the rail bender and the connectors that will be used to join the sections together. After I finish the current completed track, I will start putting some rail on so that I can be ready for the tags to arrive.

The last thing I did for the night was to get out the polyurethane and finish off the rest of the ceiling mounts with a second coat. So, by the time I have started assembling more track, the hangers will be dry and I can continue to lay out the curves and finally the straight pieces.