Laying the first curve

Late last night I figured out how I wanted to put the curves together near the bathroom door.  This is particularly critical because I only have 8 curves and if I damage any one of them, I have to set my jig back up and make another.  While not the end of the world, I would consider this a precious resource for the project.

So, I carefully measured, set the wood in place, and did everything I could to try to make sure that it was going to be correct.  I marked it and then cut the two curves that would make the 180 degree turn.  After cutting them, I took a deep breath, and tried them in place…and they fit!  Perfectly!  So, I then started the process of gluing the ties onto the curves.  Easy enough except that the curves have a bunch of cross members that keep the curve formed and they are irregularly spaced.

So, I had to change bits on the router and route out the center of a bunch of ties.  This is where the original set of ties came into play.  When I was creating the prototypes, I completely stained a bunch of ties before thinking about the issue with the stain preventing the glue from doing its job.  Well, these ties became useless because they wouldn’t stick to the glue.  Anyhow, since the stain didn’t penetrate more than 1/32 of an inch of the wood, I just routed out the center between the beam notches and now I have ties that will fit where the curves have cross members.

With everything ready, I laid the curve on the end of the table, got out the blocks and glue, and started laying the ties.  Everything worked perfectly.  I then took one of the identical curves and put it on top of the glued ties and put 40 pounds of weights on it to make sure everything was flat and that the ties were firmly pressed into the glue.

Here is a picture of one of the curves curing.


And here are a couple of pictures of all 8 curves stacked to make sure that they were consistent.

All8Curves2_full All8Curves_full

And, here is a picture of one of the curves in place near the bathroom door.


While letting the second curve sit with weights, I laid down the rails for another six foot section and glued the cross members in place.

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