First coat of Polyurethane

I got up early this morning and sanded the ceiling mounts to prepare for their first coat of polyurethane. This was simply running them on the table sander to smooth down the ends where the dowels stick out slightly. After completing the sanding, I set them up on a row on some spare bricks outside, and brushed on a coat of polyurethane. I ran into a problem with little bubbles in the brush that would stick to the wood. I have a light cloth sanding pad that is for taking off these little bubbles. There are an awful lot of them. Here is a picture of the ceiling mounts with the polyurethane. A raw mount is sitting on top of them to show the contrast in the color that the polyurethane brings out in the red oak.


After sanding the ceiling mounts, I also sanded down the wood rails that I assembled late last night. After I finished putting the polyurethane on the ceiling mounts, I took the four sections of track and set them outside against the bricks. I then painted on a coat of polyurethane. Again, I had a problem with the little bubbles, but in this case, the dark ties really exposed the bubbles. After the coat dries overnight, I will use the sanding pad to try to take off the bubbles and then put on a second coat. For a test run, I put a second coat on the 2 foot section that I did the original polyurethane test on. There was no noticable color change. So, I am not sure if the second coat is necessary on the track. The reason I question it is that the track has such a contrast between the rails and the ties that the first coat doesn’t seem to need buffing out. Still, I will do a second coat just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.


I also got a call from California & Oregon Coast Railway saying that they were having a problem with my credit card.  I called them back and the date was wrong on the card.  They said that they had the order ready to ship out?  I am surprised at that as I was expecting them to take my order and send it to Llagas, and then have Llagas ship it directly to me or back to them before to me.  So, maybe they keep this stuff in stock.

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