Goldie: Farewell

Much to my pleasure, Goldie got adopted over the weekend and went to her new home today.  This was the first foster dog that I really should have liked, but didn’t.  I should have liked her because she was small, affectionate, soft, and cute.  But, something about her made me dislike her.  She was skittish, she didn’t obey, wasn’t house trained, and required constant attention.  But I think what really made me dislike her is that she would run down to route 50 looking for deer…and would do so despite you fussing at her and chasing her.  Given my situation with my back, I couldn’t even chase her and that further frustrated me.  

I also think that part of my problem is that I am getting frustrated with HART.  The board continues to ignore that the group of volunteers is splintering and that the overall organization is losing cohesiveness.  To me, it appears that the infighting and indecision by the board members is creating an environment where disorganization is the norm.  Every individual is doing a great job at doing what is right, but there is very little coordination.  And the board members won’t make any decisions…well, that isn’t true…they consistently decide to accept dogs even when there is no room and no foster home for the dog.    Mike and many of the regular volunteers are such pushovers that whenever Dee brings up to many dogs from Charlottesville, they just take them home.  Some people with small townhomes or apartments are fostering 3 and 4 dogs.  That is absurd to me.

So, as my frustration grows, I think it reflects on my lack of desire to participate with the HART organization.  I like the cause and I like the effect, but I think the board of directors is failing in the mission of keeping the organization going.