Oops and recovery on a Ceiling mount

Well, I discovered just how strong glue is when putting the dowels in the ceiling mounts.  I made a mistake on one of the mounts and needed to remove the dowel bar.  I tried twisting, bending, pulling, pushing, tapping, whacking, and anything else I could think of.  but, it would not budge.  So, I resorted to drilling.  The nice thing about using the jig for aligning the drill bit for the holes is that the bit drilled out the dowel and the piece looks perfect.  It is much easier to replace a dowel than to replace an end piece for a mount.

While at it, I built 4 more mounts for a total of 12 finished mounts, sanded down the rails for another six foot section, and put the ties on the six foot section.  I put the clamps and weights on the new section, took a shower and headed for work.