The first section of track goes up

I laid my first 6 foot section of straight track. Man…it is time consuming to put those little nails in.  It is good that I use poplar wood for the ties as the little nails bend if you try to put them through the oak. I put a nail on every 5th tie and then ran the gage over the rail to make sure that the spacing was correct. I tried to build a jig that would fit between the ties and the rails to set the spacing on the rails, but the nailing always results in a slight misadjustment of the track. So, I resorted back to the previous method of setting the track by eye and it looks just fine. When the track is mounted on the ceiling hangers, the 1/16 inch imperfection is invisible. Below is a picture of 3 of the six foot sections mounted on the hangers.


Below is a picture of the mounted wood rail with the metal rail attached and with two of the train cars on the rail.


I also got an email from DHL that a 5 pound package has been shipped from Wholesale Trains. This could be the engine!

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