My back was hurting so bad last night that I couldn’t sleep a wink.  So, I went ahead and got out of bed at 4am and went to the basement.  I lifted a bit and tried to stretch out my back, then pulled the ties from the tape that was trying to protect the wood from the stain, and just messed around.  I left for work pretty early and so I went to Lowes at 7am.  They had just opened and the place was empty.  I had gone to Lowes in Chantilly before my visit to the doc about my back, but the Lowes in Chantilly was completely out of 5/16 Red Oak round dowels.  But the Lowes in Sterling near where I work is often better stocked.  So, at 7am, I went back to the isle where the dowels are and they had a full bin of them.  So, I grabbed every one of them.  They are 3 feet long, so it takes 1 and 1/3 of a dowel to make a ceiling hanger.  I think I will need 48 ceiling hangers so I will need 64 dowels.  Well, they only had 54 so I took the lot of them.  I also got some round 3/8 Red Oak mushroom plugs that will fit into the countersunk holes for the screws that will put the mounts up on the ceiling.  We will have to see how those look.