Ordered the track

OK…so I ordered the track and nails to start assembling the system.  It will be a couple of weeks before it arrives and by that time I should have a bit of the system mounted to the ceiling.  When I bought the sample track, I bought it directly from Llagas Creek Railways.  But, they have changed their order form so that you now must purchase through their dealers.  Problem is that the dealers are tiny little shops that don’t have online stores and whenever I called a store, I either got a recording or no answer.  But, even though I couldn’t get through to California & Oregon Coast Railway, I was able to place an order online.  Here is the order:

Code Name Qty Price/Ea. Total
LCPKNSRNJ Nickle Silver Rail Joiners (20) 2 $13.75 $27.50
LCPKLS Large Spikes (500) 2 $11.00 $22.00
LCPKPTG Precision Track Gauge
(Code 250/215)
2 $16.95 $33.90
LCPK250NS Code 250 NS rail, 6′ 36 $10.50 $378.00
Track and Rail Shipping
1 $11.00 $11.00
LCPKLRB Lindsay Rail Bender
Rail Size: 11250
1 $84.95 $84.95
PB- 250-
SJC- 5_0mm
Rail clamps
1 $20.00 $20.00
  Shipping: UPS Ground     $39.65

  Total     $617.00