Goldie: Housetraining

Ugh…this dog really is bad off when it comes to house training.  She would rather do it in your house than in your yard.  She has been shocked 3 times because she keeps trying to get through the fence so now she is afraid of the back yard.

Now, the routine is to come home, let her out, and then spend an hour in the front yard waiting for her to need to go.  Then praising her like there is no tomorrow.  She doesn’t understand yet, but maybe things will get better.  The moment you bring her in the house, she poos somewhere.  So, now the routine is to take her in my office and lock the kiddie gate so that she begins to think of my office as her extended cage.  She is fully cage trained and has not had an accident in her cage, so I am hoping that keeping her in my office will just extend the cage.

From a personality perspective, she is very needy and affectionate.  But, this creates a problem because she gets very upset of you leave the room and she cannot follow or if you are playing with the other dogs.  So, while I was playing ball and Frisbee with  Kira and Remy, she kept nipping at my legs and then progressed till she nipped at my face.  She caught me right in the eye with her snoot so I have learned to keep a defensive block up and to push her away when she tries this.  I have been nipped a number of times this evening.

I am pretty sure that she has either been beaten or severely yelled at by someone.  If you raise a hand or jump at her, she cowers and runs away with her tail tucked.  In fact, she runs to a distance that is as if she thinks I will throw something at her.  If I call her back and look friendly, she will come back.  So, I played boo with her and it completely scared her to death to the point that she just rolled over on her back and wet herself.  Well…this kinda solves the “how to get her to wet on command” but this approach won’t work long term and might have some side effects.

So, she had a lot of bad habits, but I think we can train her.