Oil based stain affects glue strength

I took the track out of the press and mounted the rail on it.  I was disappointed that the ties did not hold to the boards as tightly as the non-stained ties did.  Then I remembered that on this set of ties, I applied the pre-stain material that is suppose to stop the stain from absorbing to deep into the wood. Anyhow, a couple of the ties popped off when I was nailing on the track.  I need to go back to the store and see if I can find a water based stain so that the oil based stain does not interfere with the glue.  I should have thought about the oil based stain affecting the glue before.  Below is a picture of the the two prototypes.  The left hand side is oak with unstained poplar ties, and the right is oak with stained poplar ties.  I think the stained ties will look a lot better when all is said and done.


Performer car arrives

The Performer car arrived today.  Gees…I thought that the animal car was a long car, but this one is a good 4 inches longer.  As with the other cars, when it arrived, the wheels had popped out of their mounts but they were able to be snapped back in fairly easily.  But, this car has an interesting modification.  There are metal brushes that drag on the wheels.  I just had to figure out what lit up and so I hooked up the power supply and attached wires to the prototype track that the train car was sitting on.  Lights in the roof came on as well as the little round Backmann sign on the end of the car.  I suppose that this car would make a caboose because the light would be on the end of the train.  Anyhow,  below is a picture of all 3 cars that have been received.