All curves assembled

All of the curves are now assembled and I have started putting in the wood putty and dowels to prepare them for sanding.  The last curve came out as the most perfect…I suppose that should be expected.

Below is the picture of all 8 curves stacked up with weights on top to keep them from warping as they settle.  The curves are sitting on the board that I used to hold the jig and you can see the holes in the wood where pegs use to be in place.  If I need to build a new curve, I can always put the pegs back in the board and lay out a curve. In this picture, you can also see that the curves have the raw dowels sticking out for every cross member.  I will use the sanding table to sand off the dowels and finish everything off to be even and smooth.


The Hippo/Giraffe car arrives (tallest car)

I was quite surprised when I was lifting this morning and saw the FedEx truck drive up. I was hoping that it would be the 5 foot diameter track that I am waiting on so that I can make sure that I have the curves right. I stopped lifting and ran out to meet the truck and was disappointed to find that the box was fairly light. When I opened the box, it was the Hippo/Giraffe long car. It is a good thing that these little cars will be moving slowly because the metal wheels just rest in a plastic mount. Quite surprising that the car is so well made but the trucks for the car are so crappy. One of the knuckles on the car was loose in the box as were a few pieces from the animal cars. Most everything snapped back together without a problem, but a little piece of plastic on the animal cars was broken off and could not snap back in. I am debating whether I will contact the store for replacement or not since I could be rather lucky that it arrived with so few damages. Here is the car with the caboose.


Anyhow, the Hippo/Giraffe car is the most important car because it is the tallest with the Giraffe head sticking out of the car. So, this was the one I needed before I could finish the wall mounts. It turns out that with the track and everything installed, the clearance will be 10 inches on the nose from bottom to top of the wall mount. This doesn’t leave a lot of room in certain places where doors are because the doors in the basement are exactly 1 foot from the top of the door to the ceiling. No room for error there. But, I can adjust the mount near the doors so that I don’t have any of the decorative wood work on the track near the door frames.