Remy & Ruben: Destroying the house

Well, it is a good thing that the columns in the house are very solid and well attached.  Remy and Ruben have been playing chase all morning.  They run outside through the doggy door and chase each other around the yard.  Then Remy does his tuck-tail run back to the doggy door and through the house as fast as he can.  Ruben realizes that Remy is gone and runs in the house as fast as he can.  Remy positions himself at a blind spot in the hall to my office and when Ruben comes running by, Remy will make this loud growl and jump on him.  They slam into the column at the end of my office, and then Remy takes off toward the doggy door with Ruben running as fast as he can.  At every turn in the house they will lose their footing and go sprawling into the wall or a piece of furniture and then they are out the doggy door for a run in the yard.

It looks like Remy is playing Kira’s tricks.  He will also run into the house and wait for Ruben to come through the doggy door.  Then Remy will stand just in front of a column and when Ruben comes running up to him, Remy will step sideways and Ruben will splat head first into the column.  Remy will then take off the other way toward my office, make the turn and wait for Ruben to come down the hall.  Inevitably Ruben will be going to fast to make the turn and will then slide on the rug outside my office till he hits the edge of the carpet in the bedroom where his front end will come to a rapid stop while his back end smashes into him and he goes tumbling to the floor.  Remy then takes off back down the hall while Ruben gets his bearing and you hear Remy go outside just as Ruben is taking off down the hall. 

Rugs are everywhere, furniture is against the walls, and they are having a blast.  In a surprising change in dynamics, Kira is left out of the play and now she is wandering around watching them with an occasional growl like she wants to play.  But they are completely ignoring her. 

I took all of the dogs outside and picked blackberries.  The vines are not in good shape from the drought, but there are a lot of new plants coming up from the root system that I will transplant in the fall.  The dogs were playing along when the Mockingbird came and started dive bombing the dogs.  Turns out one of her chicks is out of the nest and to big to fly so it is hiding in the thick grass under one of the orchard trees.  The dogs cannot get to the little bird because of the deer fence around the trees, but the mother is upset all the same. 

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