Marty: Another foster

Mike called from the adoption event and in his usual way asked if we could foster a little brown dog for a week.  I gave in and Mike brought home a non-descript little brown dog.  The dog has a bulldog kind of face with a square jaw and heavily muscled back legs.  His tail curls over his back like a Chow and he has the fur of a chow.  But, he is small weighing only about 25 pounds.  The dog’s name is Marty.  He appears to have previously had an owner as he knows basic tricks like paw and sit.  He is completely house trained and knows what a doggy door.  Marty is a brave little dog and appears to have no social manners with both people and dogs.  He bravely tried to take food from Kira who gave him a nasty growl.  He didn’t back down until Mike yelled at him.  So, on our first night, we learned that Marty has to eat by himself.  I am sure that more will come of this little Foster.

Marty is all torn up with lots of puncture wounds on his face, legs, and ears.  He has been to the vet where they shaved his wounds and patched him up.  He clearly was on the losing end of a dog fight.

Marty - DSC01569