Remy: Not fond of getting a bath

The construction company has been working on the house for the past few days and they pulled out a lot of rocks that were previously used for the landscaping around the front of the house.  They had piled them up as if they were going to take them away so I got out the tractor and moved all of the rocks down to the area where we burn brush.  I intend to build a short wall that will contain the fire when we burn the winter’s brush.

While on the tractor, Remy and Kira disappeared and so I had to go searching for them.  Kira was trying to get water so she was drinking out of the ditch.  Remy found something to roll in so he was covered in whatever he found.  I acted like I was going to go into the door of the house and Remy came running up thinking he was going inside for food.  I snagged him by the collar and he immediately tucked tail.  When he saw me reach for the hose, he started squirming and then gave up.  I washed him down and wrung some of the water out of his thick coat and then let him go.  He ran to the house in his goofy “scruncy butt” run as if something was chasing him and then shook out his fur while standing at the garage door.  I let them in and toweled Remy off.  He gets over being mad a lot faster than Kira!

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