Kira: OK… you can sleep on the bed…

I felt so bad for Kira when I would go to bed.  All of the other dogs would get in their bed, but Kira had no bed.  She wouldn’t sleep in the crate that we put the fosters in and she wouldn’t sleep in a dog bed.  She just looked pitiful at me from the floor while I was in the bed.  I felt terrible for her.  So, I gave in and let her on the bed.  She was so happy and went immediately to sleep. 

Kira is doing much better and her butt has completely healed.  The vet called back and said that there were no signs of a urinary track infection but that they noticed that over the 5 years that we have had her, she has always had very dilute urine.  I told them that she drinks water like it is going out of style and they suggested that we cut her water back to 2 quarts a day.  They said that Labs are prone to getting in a habit of drinking to much water and will deplete their minerals that regulate their need for water.  So, the theory is that if we regulate her water and she builds up the minerals, she will stop drinking so much and not have accidents.  The vet said that it would be about 3 months for us to see any results.

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