Kira: Back to her old game

Well, I went to bed at about 11pm Sunday night and Kira got in the bed as usual.  She seemed so happy and layed down with her rear end torward my pillow and was on her back with all feet in the air.  She only does this when she is really happy.  Well, I was laying there when I smelled something odd and the smell wafted over to me regularly.  So, I rolled over and ignored it.  Kira got up and changed positions so that her butt was at my feet.  In a bit, I moved my feet to find that the bed was soaked.  As I got up to check the bed, I put my hand beside my pillow to find that she had wet the bed both at the top and the bottom.  Ugh.

So, it is 3am and I get up and strip the bed, find other sheets, put the bed together, put ropes up around the bed and go back to sleep.  Since the bed lacks the protective plastic cover that she had just soaked, I couldn’t let her on the bed again.  Hence, the ropes.