Kira: All healed up

The folks at work were good enough to let me bring Kira to work on Thursday and Friday.  She was on heavy pain killers on Thursday and just slept the entire day.  I took her around to various people’s desks and Kira did tricks for everyone.  The best trick is where I whine at her and then she whines back.  If I keep whining, she will let out the most shrill bark and everyone laughs as they stick their fingers in their ears.  Our CFO has a little golf set in his office and Kira discovered it.  She came prancing into the office with the small golf ball in her mouth.  I know it is bad for dogs to play with golf balls but she was so happy.  So, I rolled it around on the floor and everyone had fun watching her chase it.  When we got home from work she didn’t want to get out of the truck again, but I eventually coaxed her out.

On Friday, she took the last of her antibiotics and her last pain pill at 9am.  The incisions were looking like they were healing very well and there was no redness at all.  By noon the effect of the pain pills was wearing off and she began to get rambuxious.  I took her for a long walk around the office campus and then left a little early at 5pm to take her home.  By the time we got home she was fully off the pain killers and leaped out of the truck when we arrived in the driveway.  It was clear that she was feeling better.

On Saturday Kira was her normal self and ate her breakfast with her normal energetic munching.  She has gained weight from just laying around for a week, but it looks good on her.  Previously she was looking a bit thin so this is a good size for her.  She seems a bit more affectionate toward me but I am sure that will wear off the moment Mike pays her more attention than me.  Well, that will happen on Monday since Mike has Monday off for Patriot’s day.  I have to work and I suspect that when I get home from work, Kira will largely ignore me.  Still, I am enjoying her wanting to stay with me all the time.

As of Sunday, Kira’s incisions look to be completely healed as there is no redness at all.  Both incisions are now white and look like small scars.  It won’t be long before the fur grows back in and it will be difficult to tell that anything happened at all.  The smell of rotting fish is completely gone now and neither of the other dogs are even sniffing her at all.