Kira: I’m not getting out of the truck!

I took Kira to work today as neither Mikey nor I could stay home again.  I asked everyone in the office if they would mind if she came in while she was recovering and everyone was supportive.  So, I took her with me to work and she was excited to get in the truck.  We got to the office and she was happy to run in and knew exactly where to go.  She ran through the office and to my door and sat there waiting for me to get there to open it.  After getting in my office, she crawled right under my desk and went to sleep.  I put some water out for her but she didn’t drink.

I gave her the pain killers every 3 hours as directed and she slept the entire time.  People came in and visited her and she just slept.  At about 2pm I took her outside for a walk around but she didn’t really want to go.  She whimpered when she walked and she shook the entire time. 

As soon as we got outside she started to go for the truck, but the leash stopped her short.  We went back in the office and stayed there till about 6:30 and then headed home.  She was quite happy to get in the truck and once in, she just laid down in the passenger seat.  When we got home, I pulled in the drive and she perked up.  I got out of the truck and motioned for her to come, and she wouldn’t get out of the truck.  I went around to her side and she jumped to the driver’s seat and wouldn’t get out.  I went back to the drivers side and she went back to the passenger side.  I finally reached in and pulled on her collar and then she crawled over to the driver’s side and braced while I picked her up and set her on the ground.  She kept staring at the truck and wouldn’t come in the house until I started to close the garage door and then she darted into the garage.  Once I opened the door and the other dogs ran out, she ran inside and went straight back to my office and went to sleep under my desk.  I put food out for her, but she wouldn’t touch it.

She is now sound asleep under my desk.