Kira: Feeling a bit better

I took the collar off Kira last night and she slept soundly throughout the night.  She is exceptionally needy at the moment and won’t let me out of her sight.  She slept with her head on top of my legs last night and at about 2am I felt her shaking so I got up and got the spray for her butt.  The vet says that it should make the area feel cold and numb, but Kira gets really upset when I spray it…she acts like it burns.

This morning we got up and I gave them food and put Kira’s pills in the food.  Kira didn’t want to eat and kept running to sit beside me.  So, I sat down beside her bowl and pet on her so that she would stay near the bowl.  I got her to eat almost all of it before she just layed down..  I checked the incisions and they were much cleaner and not as inflamed.  I got a warm wash cloth and held it on the area to melt away the scabs in her fur so that she wouldn’t try to bite at the fur and then put the megaphone collar back on her.  She didn’t fight me at all and acted like it was her regular collar.  She seemed to think that it meant shat she was going to get to go outside, so I took all of the dogs for a walk.  Before we could get down the driveway she was ready to poo and she did so in Jim’s yard.  So, I went over and picked up the poo and put it in our yard.

We walked about half way to the house at the end of the gravel road and then turned around and came back.  Remy wasn’t watching and did the entire normal walk before realizing that I had turned around.  As soon as he realized I was heading back, he went into a gallop and came running back to me.  Bones, on the other hand, just kept slowly walking along and did his own thing.

The neighbors are back from France.  They had quite an ordeal while on vacation.  Karen called and told me the story that they had stopped at the end of the day for a bite to eat at disney world and went into the Lion King theatre.  She set her purse down on the seat beside her and when the lights went down, the purse disappeared.  She said that everyone over there was rude and that they had nothing good to say about Americans.  She said that she just wanted to come home because everyone at the hotel was rude, the waiters wouldn’t wait on them at restaurants, and everyone around them just stared and talked about them.  Will and I had the same experience in Belgium but we had the fortune of having a friend there in Belgium that took our back and would fuss at people for being rude and would put them in their place.  Anyhow, Karen did say that American Express came through and bent over backwards to help.  She said that they wired over cash immediately, DHL’d a card to them the same day, and helped them get their paperwork straightened out.  They were able to get emergency passports that day and she said that the passport office was packed with people that were in the same situation.

Well, all of the pooches are sleeping in my office and it looks like the pain killers have taken effect on Kira.  She is out cold.

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