Kira: Don’t talk to me!

I took a nap with Kira and the pain medication started wearing off.  She started shivering and you could tell that she was in pain.  But, she is suppose to be taking the medication only 3 times a day instead of 4 which means spacing them out a bit more.  So, I waited till it had been 8 hours since her last pill and I gave her the pain killers.  I also had to clean up her butt and spray the freeze stuff on it.  She is so mad at me now that she is just staring at me with a super intense stare like you get from a dog that is about to attack.  So, I am being a bit more careful with her and I gently reached in the cone to pet her head.  She didn’t growl at me but she tightened up her lips.

I will be giving her a good bit of space until she gets over being so mad.  I bet when Mikey returns from NY that she will be his best friend and won’t come near me.

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