Kira: My butt is leaking

When I woke up this morning, Kira was not on the bed and I couldn’t locate her.  After a bit of searching, I found her outside trying to clean herself.  I brought her back in and checked her out and found that the incisions on her butt were very red, and when I pushed on them, a redish liquid came out.  I figured it was an infection so I called the vet and they had me bring her right in. 

They looked at it and said that it was definitely infected and that we would need to put her on more antibiotics and put a cone on her so that she would not lick it so much.  They took her back and expressed the infection and cleaned her up.  Blood was still draining from the incision and whenever she sat down she would leave a pool of blood.  I put a paper towel on her rear end as I paid for the work.  They also gave me a topical spray that would cool the area so that it wouldn’t burn so much.

While I was there, a man came in and said that the police had escorted him to the vet because he had stopped to catch a dog that was running loose on route 50.  It was a brown hound dog that looked like it had pups recently as her nipples were swolen.  The vet said that they were all booked up and that they couldn’t take her in so they called animal control.  That concerned me a bit because Leesburg animal control is terrible about putting dogs down without waiting for the owners to come get them and they don’t check for tags, chips, or tatoos.  So, we checked the dog for tags and tatoos and they got out the chip wand and couldn’t find a chip.  They looked in the medical database of all of their dogs and called owners with dogs that looked like her or were of the same breed but didn’t find anyone.  Leesburg animal control said that they would come at noon.  I told them that if no-one claimed her before noon to call me and I would foster her until someone claimed her because I would rather she get back to her home than to be put down.  Noon came and went and I didn’t get a call from the vet so I assume that they found the owner.  I hope so.

I gave Kira her meds and pain pills and that knocked her out.  When she woke up, she wouldn’t eat and she wouldn’t go to the bathroom.  We walked around outside for about an hour and she stuck to me like glue watching every move I made and staying right beside me the entire time.  Remy chased a ground hog that was living by the garden and Kira just ignored it.  We went back in the house and she went to sleep under my desk.  Mike called from NY to check on her and I told him what was going on.  He got concerned due to the infection and said I was doing all the right things.  I will take her to the vet again on Monday to have everything checked out.

At about 7pm, I gave them food and gave Kira meds but she wouldn’t eat.  She tried to go out the doggy door but the collar won’t fit through it.  Kira is a pretty head-strong little dog and she doesn’t understand physics at all.  She often runs into boulders and trees because she seems to think that they will move for her.  After all, the furniture and humans move whenever she runs into them.  Well, with this collar on her, she runs into everything, catches it on everything, and trips on it when walking outside because it catches on the grass in front of her.  She looks pitiful.  Remy and Bones have learned to stay away from her because when she gets excited because I put my jacket on for the walk, she just runs into them and knocks them over with the cone.

Before bedtime, I drained her incisions and put a warm compress on her.  I took the collar off and tried to get her to go to the bathroom, but she wouldn’t go.  She is sleeping on the bed right now and as soon as I give her the meds for the evening, I will go to sleep.

Poor little dog.  This is such an ordeal for her that I am sure she doesn’t understand at all. 

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