Kira: What happened to my butt?

Over the past 6 months, Kira has had infections of her anal glands to the point where she has almost continuously been on Clavamox and had to have her glands expressed monthly.  Each time they are full of puss and blood.  So, finally, we scheduled to have surgery to remove the glands.  Mike scheduled the appointment for April 5, and I scheduled time off for April 6 to stay home with her. 

At 7:30am I took Kira in to the vet and left her in their care.  She was suppose to get her surgery at 10am, but they did not get to her till about 1pm.  At 4pm they called and said that she was recovering very nicely and that I could come get her between 5:30 and 6pm.  I left work at 4pm to avoid the traffic that backs up on Route 50.  If you leave after 4:30pm, you won’t get to Middleburg by 6pm.  Anyhow, I left early and waited at home till 5:30 before heading out to get her.  They shaved her butt and a patch on her left front arm.  She was groggy when I got there and still under heavy sedation.  She had an odd look on her face as if the skin was melting off of her.  The pockets under her eyes were open by 1/4 inch presumably because she was limp.  When she sits down, she looks as if her head is not able to balance on her body and kinda falls to the side a bit. 

She was mad at me when I took her from the vet.  She wouldn’t look at me but definitely wanted to go home.  I got her to the truck and lifted her into the seat and then headed home.  She cried all the way home and was shaking.  Mike worked from home during the day and so while I was gone to get Kira, he took the other two dogs and went to get Pizza.  That was very thoughtful because when we got home, Kira gently walked around the house sniffing things out and wasn’t trampled by Remy or Bones.  She immediately headed for my office and layed down under my desk. 

The dog gave me some heavey pain killers for her that are to be given every 6 hours with the first to be given as soon as I got home.  I put some peanut butter on my finger and put the pills in the peanut butter.  She lapped it off my finger and took the pills.  They took effect within about 5 minutes and she was pretty much out.  Mike got home with the Pizza about 15 minutes after I got home and we let the other dogs into my office to sniff her and for everyone to know that everyone was OK.

As a side note, Remy was unusually affectionate when I got home.  Normally they all dance around and just want food, but when I got home today, Remy crawled up on my lap and kept wanting to sit on me.  Everytime I would put him down, and move, he would follow me, and then want back up on my lap.  Mike and I speculated that maybe he was thinking he might be the next one to go.  Roxy left on Tuesday in the car and never came back.  Kira left on Thursday and didn’t come back.  Maybe he was smart enough to think that Saturday is coming and he might not come back. 

Kira left my office and layed under the table while we ate the pizza.  She whimpered and shook the entire time but wanted to be around us.  After dinner she went under the bed and never came out.  I had been up till 3am the night before working on a demo for work so I went to bed at 8pm.  Kira hopped up on the bed at about 11 and shivered the entire time.  I couldn’t sleep from alergies, so I got up and started writing this blog entry.