Babe: Farewell

This morning it seemed that Babe knew that it was not going to be a good day for her.  She was following me around and being more affectionate than usual.  I was up all night sick and went to bed at about 6am to finally get some rest.  Mike got up at about 8 and let Babe out of her crate.  As usual, right after she finished eating, Babe ran to the bed and layed down right beside me with her head on my pillow.  I pet her gently until about 8:30.

As I was getting dressed, Babe was watching me intently.  Most likely she was thinking that she might get to go to work with me again.  She really liked going to work and seemed to really like me a lot.  I knelt down and pet her.  She put her paw on my shoulder and leaned against my chest with her head and sighed.  I just pet on her for a while and then finished getting ready for work.  She kept following me around.

When it was time to go to work, I said my good-bye’s to her and let her into the garage.  Mike was getting ready to leave also and was taking her to the family that was adopting her.  I opened his car door and she jumped in and then looked at me as I closed the door and walked away.  She ran to the back of the car and watched me as I walked down the drive to my truck.  As Mike backed out, she ran along the inside of the car to be at the window closest to me and peered out the window like a lost puppy looking for home.  As Mike drove away, she seemed to press her face against the window and look back at me.  I drove to work in silence.

Babe was a good dog and very loveable.  She was soft as cotton and a great personality to have around.  But her propensity to run away when spooked was very difficult given then need to have the doggy door so that Bones can let himself out.  He just cannot hold it like when he was young and it wouldn’t be fair to have them locked in all day with the doggy door closed. 

When I got home from work, it was odd to only have 3 dogs again.  Babe is gone and I cried a few tears for her.  I will miss her.  Kira is happy again and has been visiting with me this evening.  I hope she does well with her new family.