Babe: Stupid dog! Stinky truck!

I went outside for a moment and locked the dogs in the house.  I was on the tractor moving some gravel in front of the house when I heard a yelp.  Babe had broke out of the house and gotten shocked when trying to come through the fence.  She hit the electric wire and it scared her.  She went darting past me and down the driveway toward route 50.  She then headed down route 50 toward Aldie and kept running.  I high tailed it in the house, got my wallet and keys and by the time I got back outside, she was no-where to be found.  I flagged down the neighbors and asked them to look for her. I started calling for Babe but she didn’t come back.

I got in the truck and headed down Route 50.  Babe was running at full speed but I caught up with her.  She wouldn’t come near the truck and when I called her, she hid from me.  I finally caught her and put her in the truck.  She had run through the stream and had wet mud on her feet.  Now my truck is covered in mud again.  I took her home and locked her in the cage and then turned it so that she couldn’t open the door.  I cursed her, cursed Mike, told Mike we weren’t fostering any dogs again, and went back to work on the gravel in the front.  I worked outside for about an hour and then came inside.  Babe was sitting very quiet in her crate and not even making an attempt to get out.

I let Babe out and cleaned myself up.  She was upset and kept running up to me and then flopping on the floor to show me her belly.  She was trying to make up and knew she had done something wrong.  My guess is that she had a family before that experienced the same thing and she eventually got away.  The family that is adopting Babe will need to be very careful with her.