Remy: Pouting

Once again, Remy is low man on the totem pole.  But, this time, he isn’t happy about it.  This morning he was sulking when Babe snatched his spot away.  She is very good at watching the other dogs and then when they move, she takes their place.  On the first day she took Bones’ closet away from him so he slept in the hall.  Then she took Kira’s spot under my desk so Kira layed in the middle of the room.  Now, she took Remy’s spot on the bed.  After they got their morning food, Babe finished first and got back to the bed before Remy could.  When Remy got there and she was laying in his spot, he just layed down at the end of the bed and sulked.  How can you tell he is sulking…he stopped wagging his tail when you called his name, and when you offered to pet him, he just looked away.  I pulled Remy to me and pet on him, but he is clearly depressed. 

Kira, on the other hand has taken a more aggressive approach.  Whenever Babe tries to get near Kira’s spot or me, Kira growls and if Babe doesn’t get the message, Kira makes a nasty attack sound and snaps her teeth at Babe. Babe stays away from Kira.

Bones, well, he is so old and blind that he doesn’t really have the ability to do anything about Babe.  The poor old dog just meanders about the house looking for Mike.  If he cannot find Mike, he will lay down in the middle of the room that I happen to be in. 

Babe is more of a social pack type of dog.  She goes where the other dogs are and she tried to lay down beside them. Only problem is that our dogs don’t really like to lay down with each other and they have staked out their own places in the house that are specific to them.  The dogs seem to respect each other’s space and never try to take one another’s area.  Babe doesn’t respect space, and will gladly crawl under the desk with Kira there. 

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