Kira: Alergy season

Well, it is that time of the year again.  Alergy season.  on Friday I took off from work because we had construction crews at the house replacing the 14 columns on the front of the house.  They rotted at the base because the previous owner had the columns coated in tar on the inside and then painted the outside.  This trapped the moisture in the wood causing it to rot.  Anyhow, every time Kira would realize that someone was out in the front of the house, she would bark.  Two barks, and then she would flip her ears.  Two more barks, then flipping the ears.  It was rather clear that her ears were bothering her and that her barks made them itch.

I should have thought of the Antihistamine then, but I didn’t.  That night she had an accident and wet the bed.  It wasn’t a full flood as before as she must have realized it and jumped up.  It was about 1:30am when she suddenly jumped off the bed and ran outside.  When I woke up I moved over in the bed and my feet touched a cool spot in the bed.  She wouldn’t get back on the bed and was upset.

Well, this is why I have a vinyl cover over the mattress and then a soft cover over that.  She has alergies and they cause her to lose control some nights.  This time it wasn’t even enough to get through the soft cover, but I washed everything all the same.

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