Babe: Two good applications

Well, this sweet little dog that is soft as cotton got and sweet as can be got two very good applications for adoption today.  One is a stay-at-home situation where she will have constant companionship and the other is a family that will not have their apartment for a couple of weeks.  That makes the stay-at-home situation more attractive because of Babe’s escape artist capabilities. 

This is very good.  I cannot keep taking Babe to work with me and I don’t like that she is aggressive with Kira.  I will miss her a bit though…she is a cute little dog!

Babe: A new day at work

I took Babe to work again today.  She was familiar with all of the events and places of the day and so she was very calm and relaxed the entire time.  She recognizes my truck now and gets all waggy whenever she gets near the truck.

We spent the morning in the office working on customer accounts.  We had our executive meeting this morning and Babe crawled up on my lap and went to sleep with her head on my chest.  After the meeting I checked email and then I remembered that I was suppose to eat lunch with the CEO and one of our potential investors.  So, I asked our CFO if he could watch her for about an hour at 1pm.  He gladly said yes, and so he took her in his office and put a note on his door saying “Beware of Vicious Dog!”.

After about an hour at lunch, I got a page from the CFO saying that the dog had him cornered and was guarding his office.  We ended lunch and headed back only to find that it was a joke and she was sleeping quietly under his desk.  When she heard my voice, she got so excited she started howling and dancing around me.  She ran to my office and then back to me over and over.  Our office manager and the CFO said that she had wandered out of his office when someone opened the door and that she had just gone to my office. 

I got a grocery bag and headed out with her on the leash for a doggy break.  She wandered about and then took a good dump in the grass.  I went to pick it up only to discover that the bag had a hole in the bottom and I had picked up the poo with my hand.  Eeeeewwwww.  I put the poo in the bag and rolled it up and headed back to the office.  I took Babe into the bathroom and washed my hand. 

We went back to the office and spent the rest of the evening in the office.  We had a group meeting in the board room at about 3pm and Babe just sat quietly under the table during the discussion.  We left work at about 6pm and she happily pranced across the parking lot to the truck.  When we got home, she growled at Kira and all of the dogs.  I got out their food and loaded up their bowls.  When I put them down, all dogs started eating and all seemed to be just fine.  I left the room and as I turned the corner, Babe left her food bowl and tried to take Kira’s food.  Kira growled and they started fighting.  By the time I got there, Kira was whimpering on the foor with Babe holding onto her neck.  There was no damage or missing fur as we had seen with Riley and Bones a year earlier but Kira had clearly been bested.  I fussed at Babe and she cowered in the laundry room where her food bowl was.  I stood between the dogs and let Kira eat.  Kira ate more slowly than usual and kept an eye on Babe the entire time.  When Babe finished her food she tried to come out but I wouldn’t allow her to do so.  After Kira finished, I let them interact and all was fine.  Kira is now sleeping under my desk and Babe is in the middle of the room.

Babe: Back home

I took Babe to work with me today and she pretty much stayed with me like a ghost the entire day.  She sat in my office like she was guarding me and wouldn’t let anyone come in without growling and barking. She never darted at them or anything and simply let people know not to come in.  After I pet on her and they came in, she was fine with them. 

When I got home, Babe got really defensive when we got in the house and started growling at the other dogs when they got near me.  She wouldn’t let Kira near me and started snarling and snapping at Kira.  All of her hair stood up and she wanted to fight.  Kira didn’t fight back and just ducked her head.  I made sure that Kira got lots of attention. 

Babe was eating, but she wouldn’t eat alone.  I had to stand by her bowl while she ate.  I eventually took it to my office because she stopped and got more interested in what the other dogs were doing.  She ate about half of it and then wandered off to investigate the house.  Kira came into my office and sat behind my chair watching the food.  When Babe came back in the office, she started growling at Kira and Kira lit into her for a fight.  There was no contact but both were growling and posturing.  I fussed at both and they backed off.  Babe ate almost all of the food while Kira retreated to be under my desk.  I pet on Kira for a while and everyone calmed down. 

Babe is now laying on the floor in the middle of my office protecting her food and looking a bit stuffed.  She is so thin that you can see that she is full.  Kira is under my desk and everything is fine.  Bones pooed in the house as usual and I cleaned all of that up.  Remy is sulking in the living room and won’t come into the office.  There were no shreaded boxes in the hall so either Remy was distracted by the workmen who are building the rest of the deck or he stole something that I will find in the back yard at some point. 

Remy: Pouting

Once again, Remy is low man on the totem pole.  But, this time, he isn’t happy about it.  This morning he was sulking when Babe snatched his spot away.  She is very good at watching the other dogs and then when they move, she takes their place.  On the first day she took Bones’ closet away from him so he slept in the hall.  Then she took Kira’s spot under my desk so Kira layed in the middle of the room.  Now, she took Remy’s spot on the bed.  After they got their morning food, Babe finished first and got back to the bed before Remy could.  When Remy got there and she was laying in his spot, he just layed down at the end of the bed and sulked.  How can you tell he is sulking…he stopped wagging his tail when you called his name, and when you offered to pet him, he just looked away.  I pulled Remy to me and pet on him, but he is clearly depressed. 

Kira, on the other hand has taken a more aggressive approach.  Whenever Babe tries to get near Kira’s spot or me, Kira growls and if Babe doesn’t get the message, Kira makes a nasty attack sound and snaps her teeth at Babe. Babe stays away from Kira.

Bones, well, he is so old and blind that he doesn’t really have the ability to do anything about Babe.  The poor old dog just meanders about the house looking for Mike.  If he cannot find Mike, he will lay down in the middle of the room that I happen to be in. 

Babe is more of a social pack type of dog.  She goes where the other dogs are and she tried to lay down beside them. Only problem is that our dogs don’t really like to lay down with each other and they have staked out their own places in the house that are specific to them.  The dogs seem to respect each other’s space and never try to take one another’s area.  Babe doesn’t respect space, and will gladly crawl under the desk with Kira there. 

Babe: Almost got away

When I got home today at about 6pm, I was greeted by the normal 3 dogs at the door.  But, when I went to the bedroom to look for Babe, she was nowhere to be found.  My first thought was that Mike had taken her to work.  But, then after a quick look at her crate, it was clear that she had escaped.  She had broken the metal door on the crate and pulled it inside the crate.  I immediately called Mike to verify that he had not taken her to work and then set out to let the neighbors know to look for her.  I called Charlie of Hart and left a message that she had escaped.  I then called the Middleburg Animal Hospital and left a message about losing her.  The next call was to the Middleburg Rescue Shelter and I left a message there. 

I then went to each of the nearby houses to get the word out that I was looking for a dog.  I started with Brad&Karen and Karen started helping me look.  I then went to Jim&Judy and they had not seen her.  I went to Carl&Jan and Carl didn’t seem to understand what I was saying.  I then went to the neighbor behind Carl&Jan and let her know of the dog.  I then headed over to the Briar patch, then to the Jackley’s and drove around Snickersville turnpike.  While driving on Snickersville, Charlie called me back and told me to call Tammy in the office at HART and I did so.  Tammy put out a bulletin to all of the volunteers and local groups to help and she started getting a search party together who would start combing through the area in a circular pattern.  She gave me directions to contact every neighbor and start searching and gave me informaiton about how far the dog would go in specific amounts of time. 

I turned around and headed back down Snickersville and then on Route 50  toward Middleburg. 

By chance I went down to the Middleburg Animal Hospital and happen to catch Dr. Love just closing up shop.  They took the information and said they hadn’t seen anything.  On the way back from Middleburg toward Aldie I got a call from one of the nearby farms that I had visited and the woman said that she had just seen a dog like the one I described and that it was running in the woods behind my neighbor’s house.  Mike had dropped everything at work and headed home so he had just arrived when I called him.  I told him to go look in the woods and he high tailed it to the woods.  Just as I pulled into the gravel road off Route 50, I saw a small dog running parallel to route 50 on Jim’s property.  Fortunately she stopped and looked at me and then hunched down on the ground.  I parked the truck off of route 50 and jumped out to start calling her.  She started to run away and then I dropped down on my knees and called her.  He timidly started toward me and as soon as she recognized me, she started wiggling all over and ran as fast as she could to me.  She jumped on me and covered me with mud.    

I got her back up to the house and let her out.  I called Mike, who was in the woods, and told him to come back to the house.  I then called Charlie to let him know we had gotten her back, then called the Vet and the Rescue group to let them know.  I also called the neighbor back that had spotted Babe and thanked her for the tip.  Mike called the other neighbors and I sent out an email to the HART volunteers telling them to stand down.

She is now safe and sound at home.  I was half mad for this happening, half angry that she might have an accident under our care, and hot as all get out from the adreneline rush.  I stink!  I need a bath. She got yet another bath (that is a bath every day she has been here) and is now drying off.  We will have to figure out some means to contain her during the day as she is clearly able to break out of a metal cage.  In the mean time, I need to find the name of a famous woman who escaped prison…that will be this dogs new name.

Kira & Babe: Get that pooch out!

Kira is not at all happy with the new pooch. She is acting just as she did when Roxy was here. I am thinking that she is just not happy at all with having another female in the house. She is moping around today and despite getting lots of attention, she is still hiding under the bed. Whenever the new dog comes near her, she starts her low growl and will snap at the new dog if she gets to close.

Babe: You can’t hold me!!!

We went into town tonight for dinner with friends and left the new foster (officially Babe, but she has to get a better name) in the cage in the basement.  When we got home and pulled into the garage, I went to close the garage door but it wouldn’t close.  I tried again and it wouldn’t close.  So, when I got out of the car, for a brief moment, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move.  It darted into the garage and then back out into the fog.  I saw enough to recognize that it was a blond dog. 

Now, Mike is normally the slowest moving human I have ever seen.  He takes his sweet time getting into the card, getting out of the car and doing just about everything in between.  But, when I said “hey!  the dog is in the front yard” he was out of the car in a moment and questioning the situation.  The tone was almost that of incredulous belief that somehow I had done something to let the dog out.  She ran away from us and wouldn’t come back.  With the thick fog you could barely see her.  I turned on the flood lights to the house and she stayed just out of the range of the light.  When I let the other dogs out, they ran toward Mike and then toward Babe.  She joined the pack and they all came to Mike when he called them.  We nabbed her.

That was a scary close call.  She had jumped out of the cage in the basement (which has no top) and then out the doggy door, and likely over the fence.  She was filthy but fortunately she stayed near the house.  Mike washed her up as soon as we could as she smelled like rotting mud.  I don’t know what she got into, but she was sure happy to see Mike when we got to her.

Babe: The new pooch of the month

Mike is such a sucker for a dog in need.  He called while at the adoption event and said that there was a new dog that had come in that needed a home because the kennels were full.  I could tell that this one was coming home so I gave in.

She has a stupid name like “candy” or some sort like that, so I immediately renamed her DevilDog on account that she has an underbite.  She is a mix of what looks like a staffordshire terrier and a lab.  Her fur is exceptionally soft and she looks quite mean but she seems to have a really sweet disposition.  She is about 1.5 years old and just got spayed while pregnant.  Apparently the doctor didn’t realize she was pregnant until he had made the incision.

Mike thought she would be a good candidate because she isn’t terribly cute or playful so he figured I would be OK with it.  She is an OK looking dog.  Her butt is huge and she is really bony.  She is very shy and tolerates the other dogs well.




Kira: Alergy season

Well, it is that time of the year again.  Alergy season.  on Friday I took off from work because we had construction crews at the house replacing the 14 columns on the front of the house.  They rotted at the base because the previous owner had the columns coated in tar on the inside and then painted the outside.  This trapped the moisture in the wood causing it to rot.  Anyhow, every time Kira would realize that someone was out in the front of the house, she would bark.  Two barks, and then she would flip her ears.  Two more barks, then flipping the ears.  It was rather clear that her ears were bothering her and that her barks made them itch.

I should have thought of the Antihistamine then, but I didn’t.  That night she had an accident and wet the bed.  It wasn’t a full flood as before as she must have realized it and jumped up.  It was about 1:30am when she suddenly jumped off the bed and ran outside.  When I woke up I moved over in the bed and my feet touched a cool spot in the bed.  She wouldn’t get back on the bed and was upset.

Well, this is why I have a vinyl cover over the mattress and then a soft cover over that.  She has alergies and they cause her to lose control some nights.  This time it wasn’t even enough to get through the soft cover, but I washed everything all the same.