Kira: Still a bit worried about her leg

Kira is still limping on her back leg.  Mike tried to check it out but she wouldn’t let him do much.  I took a quiet moment when she was laying down and started looking at it.  She didn’t like it and tried to push my hands away with her nose, but when I persisted, she just laid down and let me look at it.  It is really red on one side between the toes and she winces whenever you push on the toes.  I think this is good news in that at least she didn’t tear a ligament or pull a muscle in her leg.  I was unhappy with Mike earlier in the week because I saw him out in the ice running her and throwing the ball.  It kinda urked me because he knew her leg was hurt but also knows that she will just about kill herself to play with the ball.  I yelled across the yard to stop running her around due to her leg, and he stopped.  I think he just forgot.

Anyhow, it looks like maybe she cut it on the ice when running around.  We will have to just wait for a while to see if she stops limping around when the area between her toes heals up.  If not, we will take her in for some XRays.

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