Kira: I’m glad that darn dog is gone

When Roxy was living with us, I noticed that Kira was very lethargic.  She didn’t chase the ball, she didn’t bring me things to tug with, and she just laid around without really moving much.  I thought she was sick and tended to her.  I tried to get her to play ball and tried to do the rope tug with her, but she didn’t want any part of it.  I thought she might be depressed that Roxy was getting so much attention but I had no proof.  Well…until now.

It seemed that as soon as Kira realized that Roxy was gone, she came out of her depression and started wanting to play and be around me.  Remy now seems slightly depressed and tries to get Kira to play, but the little queen will not have any part of playing with another dog.  I tried to gie Kira as much attention as always, but I think that Roxy was just such a live wire that she pushed Kira aside…literally.  Kira slides on the hardwood and Roxy didn’t care if she slid into a wall so Roxy always outran Kira for the ball when in the house.

Kira was back to her old self this morning.  She jumped on the bed and brought me the ball…did her rounds in the yard in the early morning (she hadn’t done her rounds in the past week), and then got her rope toy and shoved it in my face.  She did her morning wiggle on her back on the bed, and followed me around.  I guess it was obvious to Kira that I really adored Roxy.

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