Roxy: Update from her new home

I got a call from the new foster for Roxy at about 7pm.  She said that Roxy was doing well and they spent the day in the park and just doing stuff together.  She said that Roxy had not tried to mess with the cats but that the cats were scared to death of her.  Everything she described indicated that Roxy was adjusting well to the new home.  She said that when she got home and put Roxy’s crate together and put it beside her bed, Roxy immediately went in and knew it was her place.  She said that Roxy slept silently the entire night and didn’t get up till 7:30am on Sunday.  I told her that was a big change since Roxy made me get up at 3am every morning and then again at 5am.

I really didn’t need that call.  I got all sad again.  I was weepy till about 6pm on Saturday after losing Roxy.  When Mike got home I asked him if he knew that Roxy was being adopted.  Mike had insisted that I go to the adoption event with Roxy on Saturday because I had said that I was thinking about it.  Mike latches on to things you say that correlate with things he wants and then pushes for you to follow through.  So, he was innocent in that he didn’t know that Roxy’s new adoption was completed and that they would take her on Saturday.