Roxy: No word on the adoption

Well, I haven’t seen an email about the home inspection yet so maybe they didn’t get around to it due to the snow and ice.  That is just fine with me as I am really getting attached to this little dog.  I was feeling sick today and so I came home from work at about 1pm and worked from home.  The rest of the dogs slept in the bedroom but Roxy laid down right beside my office chair and just watched me.  Occasionally she would get up and I would let her out and then she would want to play ball or tug on a rope.  When Kira plays with the rope, I have to give her undivided attention.  If I am not looking at her while tugging, she will stop tugging.  That is not the case with Roxy.  I can type with one hand and tug with the other and Roxy is just as happy as can be.  After a while she gets tired, and just curls up beside my chair.  An hour later it is time to go out again, and we repeat the entire series of events again.

I will probably go to the adoption event on Saturday.  My illness that has prevented me from going for the past 3 months is more under control and I think I can sit there for 3 hours without getting sick. 

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