Roxy: The Ice Pincess

Roxy is so funny in the ice.  She has almost no toenails and so she has to walk on the pads of her feet and slide around.  Instead of walking gingerly like Kira and Remy, she runs like a puppy.  Everything is all out and when she gets to her destination, she spreads her legs out wide and just slides like a cartoon pup on ice.  When she stops, her feet run like crazy without her moving and she eventually starts coming back toward me.  We threw the ball after work today and she just loved it.

She loves being out in the snow and ice and just seems to marvel in the strangeness of the yard covered in ice.  I went out in the back yard with my shoes with rubber soles.  I was able to walk up the hill and she bounded around like a puppy following my every step wondering where I was going and why we were going up the hill.  When I got to the top, I sat down on the ice, and slid back down the hill.  She watched this for a moment, cocked her head sideways, and then came barreling down the hill as fast as she could.  She spread her legs apart, and just slid down the hill at the same rate as me.  The entire time she was sliding beside me, she was looking at me as if to show me that she was the expert on the ice and that I was nothing more than a amateur.

When we got to the bottom of the gentle slope, she started running back up the hill while looking back to see if I was following.  So, I followed her back up the hill and she waited patiently at the top while I struggled to get to her.  We slid down the hill again and she was as graceful as could be.  This time, instead of riding down forward, she adjusted her stance so that she gently turned sideways and then a little more so that she slid down the hill almost perfectly backwards looking straight at me as she controlled her speed to stay in perfect sync with me.

What a fun little dog to have around.  I hope the adoption falls through.  I won’t derail the adoption process, but if it falls through on its own accord, then I amm going to adopt this little dog.