Roxy and Remy: What great dogs!

Roxy and Remy play continuously now.  They are like bear cubs rolling around on the floor all the time.  Roxy always initiates the play but Remy seems to be having a good time.  Well, till he gets tired of it and then he runs out the doggy door.  Roxy hasn’t figured out the doggy door so she gets stuck inside when he runs out.  Pretty smart of Remy to figure out that he is safe outside. 

Roxy has grown accustomed to sleeping in a crate by the bed and knows the crate to be both her safe place and her place for when she is bad.  She has accidents every day and you have to take her out ever hour if you don’t want to have a mistake in the house.  When she has an accident, and you fuss at her, she looks down at the floor and then skulks back to her crate and lays down.  It is perplexing that she seems to understand that it is wrong, but cannot seem to avoid having the accident.

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