Roxy: Maybe this is why she was abandoned

It appears that Roxy’s only big failing is that she has a weak bladder.  If you don’t take her out every couple of hours she will have an accident.  We have had at least 2 a day since bringing her in.  She doesn’t like to go outside alone so when you put her outside, you have to walk out to the grass with her or she will not do her business.  The night before last, she wet her bedding and completely saturated the crate.  When Mike let her out because she was restless, she went outside, and then came inside and had an accident on the his bed.  She clearly knows that it is wrong as she immediately runs and hides, but she doesn’t seem to be able to control it.

With that said, I think it is a matter of slowly working with her to train her.  It may be that she was an outside dog and never had to hold it so she never learned to.  She can clearly go an entire day without wetting and she knows to wet outside.  So, maybe it is just training.  In any case, she is such a wonderful dog that it is next to impossible to get mad.

Remy seems to have really taken to Roxy as they seem to play continuously.  They are close to the same age and Remy has so much extra skin that Roxy just tugs and plays with him.  They roll around like bear cubs and growl.  It is so fun to watch and really quite funny when he or she does something goofy and gets surprised by the results.  Remy is definitely getting a lot more play time with Roxy around.  Kira won’t have anything to do with Roxy at play and just avoids the situation. 

Unfortunate for me, it appears that Roxy has a very good application so she probably will not be around here much longer.  My eyes tear up whenever I think about her leaving.  This surprises me because we have only had her for a week.  I just love this little dog like no other.  Some family is going to be terribly lucky to get this little dog.

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