Roxy: The acrobat

Roxy is quite the energetic little dog.  She has such a great personality and is always on the go.  She doesn’t destroy anything, but she isn’t house trained.  We are working on that.  Last night we were playing in the basement throwing a toy and on her return trip, she jumped up on the old couch and got really still.  As soon as I realized what she was doing I fussed at her and she got all sheepish and ran upstairs with a trail of marking her path.  She got to her cage but the door had swung partially shut so she cowered in front of her cage.  When I got there she let loose and made a puddle.  I put her outside and then cleaned everything up.  When I let her back in, I fussed at her and she ran to her cage where she stayed for about 15 minutes.

This morning Mike let her out at about 7am and fed all of the dogs.  I heard the sound of a horse running down the hall and I looked up just in time to see Roxy leap from the door of the bedroom to the bed.  She did a somersault in the air and landed perfectly on her back right beside me and she just started wiggling like crazy while I scrubbed on her tummy.  He flopped around like a fish out of water and chewed on my hand, licked my face, and ran the other dogs off the bed.  Once she was there alone she pounced on me and started playing tug with my hand.  She doesn’t bite down at all and just loves to play tug.  Suddenly everything stopped…she got real quiet, and then started chasing her tail.  Snap, snap, snap would go her teeth and then she would catch the end of it and fall over on the bed wiggling and rolling around.  When she would lose her tail, she would jump up and stare at it as if she were stalking it.  Then into a frenzy of spinning while snapping at her tail until she caught it again.  It was so funny that I was just laughing out loud.  She eventually tired of this game and decided that her paw was much easier to catch.  She would stare at her back paw, and seem to move slowly as if stalking it and then she would lunge at her paw and bite it.  This was much to easy of a catch for her, so she grew bored with it and started chasing the tail again. 

This is just the sweetest dog I have ever seen.  She makes Remy look conventional.  I can’t believe anyone would have given such a sweet little dog up.  She is just a bundle of joy and next to impossible to be mad at.  I am really falling for this dog, but I am making sure that Remy and Kira get lots of attention so that they don’t feel left out.