Roxy: lookie! A new home!!!

I woke up this morning and decided it was OK to have another foster dog.  It has been sufficiently long since Foreman left that it is OK now.  I had meetings today in Reston and so I told Mikey that he could bring home Roxy.  Roxy is a black lab that is cute as can be and is less than a year old.  She is a bundle of energy and very lovable.  Her hair is very soft and somewhat longer than Kira’s.

When I got home from the meeting at about 9pm, Remy and Kira came to the door to greet me, and Roxy soon followed.  She stopped and growled and then saw that the other dogs were being pet so she jumped in the mix.  As soon as I started petting her she wet all over the floor.  I just had to open the door and she ran outside.  After letting her in, she started playing with Remy and just pounded on him.  She jumped on the bed and would leap off the bed on top of Remy.  He just collapsed and started playing.  I really like her and would love to keep her.  We will see.


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