Roxy: An update from Mike

Sent: Saturday, February 03, 2007 9:51 PM
Subject: Roxie, a bit longer email

First off she has gas… I am hoping it was all the treats at the adoptionevent, that would do Forman in as well.

Second, she is a nut, but not a bad nut, so that is not an issue (yet).

I gave her a bath.  I filled the tub with a little over a foot of water,enough to bucket over her while standing next to her.  Well I lifted her inexpecting to be upset, but as soon as she was in, she went nuts, spinningaround, sticking her nose in the water and then flinging water all over,rolling on her side, she was having a blast.  Needless to say the bathroomwas a little worse for wear and I was a ‘tad’ wetter than I had wanted tobe. Toweling off was just as fun for her, it was all just play time, sheloved it, rolled all up in it, chewed on it, flipped over on the floor.There seems no end to her energy.

She’s clobbered both Remy and Kira, and by clobbered I mean landed on, theyboth took it well and play back.  Kira does like to play, just not when shewants to rest.  So Remy is taking the brunt of Roxie’s energy.  She justflattens him, rolls all over him, pulls on his fur (good thing he has somuch loose skin), etc.  I was in talking to Scott, and they were tearingaround on the bed, Remy took off down the hall, Roxie caught up to him halfway down it, and they slid the rest of the way down the hall with her on hisback…

She is also a little excitable (who would have thought) and she pee’d whenScott got home, not a lot, but enough.  We took her right out but she wastoo excited to do anything.  A half an hour later, she did pee when I tookher back out.  She has not figured out the dog door yet, but she has taken alarge interest in it when the other dogs ‘disappear’ through it.  She gotclose to it but the slapping noise scared her when the flap closed afterBones went out.

Hmm, only 3 fosters and this might be a foster failure.  Scott is alreadytalking about keeping her.  We’ll see how he feels after a week of HIGHenergy dog.

If you have the time and want to hear some of the other antics of our pupstake a look at  I should add this email as afollow up post.


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