Riley New Year’s update

Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007
8:08 AM
Subject: RE: Happy New

It is really good to
hear from you!  Riley continues to do well….he’s just another member of the
family now.  He’s been to the vet a couple of times….once to have his leg looked
at – he was limping around for a few days, and we wanted to make sure he hadn’t
hurt himself.  He also recently finished his lyme disease vaccination series…the
vet suggested that.  We use frontline on him, but ticks really seem to like

Ryan is definitely
Rileys favorite person.  They sleep in the same bed….Riley lays on the floor
outside the bathroom when Ryan is in the shower….it’s kind of pathetic….but in a
good way. 

Oh, I meant to tell you
about the snow…We had a snow shower the other day….and we took the dogs out in
it.  Riley just stood there with the dumbest look on his face.   You could
almost hear him saying “what is this stuff and why is it on me?” 


Anyway, we love him. 
You can’t have him back – but anytime you want to come visit, feel

I hope you guys had a
wonderful holiday.  We did!  We didn’t have any trouble with Riley and the tree
or the presents – which is good – last year Casey ate all the candy canes off of
the bottom 1/3 of the tree – came home to a sticky dog and cellophane wrapper


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