Foreman: Farewell

At about 3pm we took Foreman over to his new home.  They have a wonderful house with a nice large fenced back yard.  They parents look like they are between 25 and 30, and they have a young daughter that is 3 and a toddler.  They were both experienced dog owners and seemed to be very prepared for Foreman.  We took the crate that he sleeps in, his bed from the basement that he slept on during the day, his Kong toy, a bucket of food, his favorite bowl, a rope toy, and a bottle of Shampoo.  When we put the crate in the house, Foreman immediately ran inside and seemed to be content.  We went into their back yard and Foreman was fascinated with the squirrels.  He was inquisitive and seemed happy.  The first time we put him in our back yard, he dropped to the ground and cowered.  It was great to see how changed he was and how comfortable he seemed.

I’ll miss Foreman.  He changed so much since we took him in and he was such a better dog.  He was a great companion and shadowed me everywhere I went.  He was beginning to be a good watch dog for the house and was just learning how to use the doggy door.  But, as much as I will miss him, I am really happy that such a good family took him in as a permanent pet.  This makes fostering completely worthwhile!  Here is a classic picture of Foreman.  No expression…just that silent look of being scared of everything around him.

ClassicForman - DSC01494

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