Foreman: A note from the new home

Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2007 10:44
Forman’s doing great

Hi Mike and Scott,

I just wanted to
check in… he’s doing really well so far. I’ve attached a couple pictures (my
in-laws came over to meet him). He ate up his dinner, so  his appetite is still
fine; when we ate dinner, he came in under the table without having to coax him
to come with us, and when Rob was working on the computer, he lay right at his
feet under the desk just like you said he liked to do – I think they both have
found a new friend. He seems comfortable in his kennel where it is, he tucked in
there when we were just talking and couldn’t keep his eyes open.

I’m hoping all will
continue well, but I thought you might find some relief that he doesn’t seem as
nervous anymore.

We’ll keep you
posted, thanks again.

~Niki and Rob




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