Foreman: Come on Bones… play with me!

Foreman mostly plays with Remy and they play pretty rough.  It is mostly Remy running through the house with his tail tucked while Foreman is chasing after him.  They get to the basement and Remy runs around the back side of the pool table and then darts out to bite Foreman and they roll around on the floor growling and biting at each other’s neck.  They are the same age and neither of them seems to be getting hurt.  Occasionally Foreman will try to play with Kira but she just snarls at him and he leaves her alone.

Over the past week, Foreman has tried to play with Bones but Bones doesn’t like it at all.  When Foreman starts to play, he rares up on his back feet and boxes bones in the face with his front paws.  Bones lashes out in a fury of biting, snapping, and growling.  Foreman darts back and then comes at bones from differnt angles.  Since Bones can’t see very well or hear, he is fairly defenseless and just starts snapping in the air in all directions making the most fierce noise.  Eventually Bones looses his footing in his back legs and he falls down and then is stuck laying on the floor snapping at any shadow he can see.

This obviously upsets Mikey something awful and all we have to do is yell at Foreman and he runs back into his crate.  Bones then struggles for a bit to get his back end back up and just pouts for a bit.  Mikey always holds Bones and checks him for damage.  Bones has some cuts on his ears and lip which we had not noticed before.  We are thinking that since Foreman escaped from his cage yesterday that he may have had one of these “play” episodes with Bones but there was no-one to intervene and so he actually made may have made contact.

When it all starts, it looks just like when Foreman is starting to play with Remy.  But, since Bones is the top male dog in the house, it could be that Foreman is trying to establish dominance.  He already dominated Remy in the first day just as all dogs do.  So, maybe he is trying to be king of the hill.  More to come I am sure…

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